“They shall still bring forth fruit in old age;they shall be fat and flourishing.”

(Psalm 92:14)


There are many benefits to loving the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind (Matthew 22:37).  Immersing yourself in God and the things of God consistently (not just on Sundays) results in fruit bearing.  Your devotion to God will be reflected in the fruit you bear. 

They shall still bring forth fruit in old age.  We have been carefully planted (where we are) and cultivated by God to bring forth fruit.  We may experience trials, tribulation and even persecution during our pilgrimage; yet our faithfulness to Him will always be rewarded by His faithfulness towards us.  

An aged man or woman should be useful.  The wisdom that we have from years of Bible Study and spiritual experience is to be used for God.  God has spared us, given us length of days, so that we will be useful.  There are many, many people, saved and unsaved, who will be assisted spiritually because of your godly wisdom, counsel and prayers on their behalf.  You have only to ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you are needed.  

Length of days should not be spent on our own ease and enjoyment.  Virtues that God has developed within you should be used to influence your ‘community’ of family, friends and acquaintances.  Participation in either a ministry God has given you or within another ministry will bring about fruit bearing.  Advancing the work of the Lord is your objective.  Those trained in God’s Word through years of private Bible study are very useful in old age. 

The Lord tells us in His Word above that ‘they shall be fat.’  God forbid that we become fat as we age from lack of use within our calling.  Here, the words ‘they shall be fat’ means that they shall be vigorous (having the appearance of vigor and good health).  And flourishing!  They will bear fruit with no indication of decay.  Glory to God!

“Those that be planted in the House of the Lordshall flourish in the courts of our God.They shall still bring forth fruit in old age;they shall be fat and flourishing;To show that the LORD is upright:He is my rock and there is no unrighteousness in Him.” (Psalm 92:13-15)


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